What did W.B. Yeats have to do with Dawn by The River?

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The river has always been a sanctuary of peace and high-frequency energy for me.

Crystal clear water cascading over ancient rocks, Sunlight illuminating dew-drenched webs, the leap and splash of a silverfish, the smell of pine cones in the nearby woods, and the rustling greenery as birds take flight into the air blue sky.

My Mam’s passion for music and my Dad’s love of poetry were perfectly aligned with the river’s colorful soul as it flowed through all seasons. As I started to develop my songwriting style, I began to think of ways of capturing the essence of this magnificent experience.

Some years previously, my uncle had sent me a tape of The Waterboys’ “Fisherman’s Blues”. I began listening intensely and I found myself being magnetically drawn to Mike Scott’s writing. I started to conjure vivid imagery from the music and began to feel a deep connection with the last song on the album “The Stolen Child”. This last song was a recited poem written by W.B. Yeats and was set to a rich soundscape that majestically weaved around spoken word verses and singing choruses. My intense listening continued until the tape didn’t work anymore, but the stolen child had left a permanent impression that would stay with me through the years.

Years later, a framed poem called “Dawn” written by my Dad, hung in the hallway at home and I often walked by it giving it an odd glance. One day I stopped and took time to read it properly. The poem was set by the river just before dawn and finished at the moment of daybreak.

Dawn by The River

I quickly realized that “Dawn” had captured the very essence of my own experience of the river. I began writing music to accompany a spoken word recital that would include a singing chorus. It became instantly clear that “Dawn” would take its place as the closing track on my album “All Runs Clear”.

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