What did W.B. Yeats have to do with Dawn by The River?

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The river has always been a sanctuary of peace and high-frequency energy for me. Crystal clear water cascading over ancient rocks, Sunlight illuminating dew-drenched webs, the leap and splash of a silverfish, the smell of pine cones in the nearby woods, and the rustling greenery as birds take flight into the air blue sky. My […]

Guess who opened for The Cranberries in the ’90s

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I will forever be grateful for the privilege of being a teenager in Limerick in the ’90s. The year was 1994 and The Cranberries were casually spoken of in the same breath as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Oasis and, Counting Crows to name but a few. St Clements secondary school in Limerick city is where I […]